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Dummies Guide to Internal Communications

Internal communications ought to facilitate decision making at the top via quality ‘floor feedback’ and encourage employee participation and output via clear and compassionate responsibility delegation – leading to overall benefit of the organization, the management and the employees.

Video: Investor Pitch for Intelligence91™

Travel Intelligence India (Ti91) -- Our Ground for Your Feet in India ® - is the world's only subscription-based | Travel Intelligence Media Company | focused solely on providing critical travel intelligence to multinational corporations, government agencies and other businesses and non-profits about key regions, sectors, and issues in India, a country that is geographically huge, contextually extremely complex

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Is communicating success the first step of success on social media?

Ever wondered how - if not why - some individuals on social media boast of a followers/friends pool that even most celebrities would give their right hand for?

Quote: Media Company

The best media companies are those that function as user-friendly interfaces for collaborative sharing of experiences.  © Anshuman Rawat Quotes

Advertising Design: Saluting Our Heroes (Book)