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Quote: Democracy

Of what essence is democracy in a land where neither does the Prime Minister gets voted by people, nor does he vote himself in an election. © Anshuman Rawat

Quote: Life

Life has now become what life was never to be; for, I find myself where I never wanted to be. © Anshuman Rawat

Oh, the Journey of League Magazine …

League was not the name that we had first thought for the magazine. Our first suggestion for the name, in the year 2005, of a magazine for Ahmedabad was ‘AHEM!’ - reflecting both the geographical identity of the magazine and also the role of the ‘masthead’ of a publication in attracting attention from and seeking time of readers, prior to saying something significant.

Is this Art?

Just as the world seems to be becoming ever more mediocre with every passing year, the population of the so-called ‘creative persons’ seems to be exploding! Yes, almost every person is either dubbed creative or claims him or herself to be creative.

Life; and Other Quartets

What end do they reach anyway, What fruit do they bear anyway, Of seeds, for leaves, is the story, What do roots hope for anyway.

Cricket in Goa

Cricket in Goa. Who would’ve believed this a couple of decades ago.

Lovely House in Goa

House in Goa. Often feel the urge to get nestled in nature, for good.