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Just About Hanging (single screen theaters in Ahmedabad)

Roman Polanski, the Oscar winning director of films like The Pianist (2002) had once said, “Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater”. At at time when the entire pursuit of the theater owners is to override the experience of watching a film with the experience of being in a film theater, […]

Compact Disc (CD) turns 25

Hey GLOVADIs, the best friend that carries your specially selected music to her, the good ol’ CD, has just turned 25! In what now looks an incident of another era, the CD had marked its arrival with Abba’s The Visitors, which was the first album to be released in CD format in 1982. That marked […]

762 Films in 75 Years Ain’t Bad; Now Lets Build Upon It

Let us all raise our hands and put them together for the Gujarati film industry. For a family that has probably got used to being written off by all and sundry, completing 75 years of existence is a commendable effort from any benchmark. The author, on behalf of League magazine and all the GLOVADIs spread […]

Would a Fahrenheit 9/11 Ever be Made in India?

Is cinema allowed to make a point in India? Or is the whole point is making sugar-candies for NRIs? I’ve got no problem with that – heck, I actually love them. But what if I want to see a direct political film, in theater? Would I be safe? This is not going to be anywhere […]

‘She’ no longer wants ‘him’ to look like you!

The ‘she’ here is both your daughter and the box-office! Unlike the era of black and white films, when the composition of the cinema audience was loaded overwhelmingly in favour of men, these days the box-office does not smile if women don’t shriek in ecstasy! One may moan the complete absence of ‘substance’ in today’s […]

Don, Don na Raha, Paan, Paan na Raha!

It is not about doing justice to an existing classic or improving upon an average film. The big question here is if it is possible to replicate the emotions of an audience of yesteryear? It takes innocence, enthusiasm, devotion, courage and craft to make a film that is essentially a tribute to that one piece […]

The Purna Satya

Dev was often introduced as the sequel-in-spirit of Ardh Satya. And much to its credit, Dev did manage to live up to the colossal identity. Alas, as the film’s box office faring reiterated, the success of an Ardh Satya of 1970s would be difficult to emulate today; unless backed by an all-round marketing blitz. For, […]