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In the ever-changing global order, and amid diminishing global power, the UK - especially the post-Brexit UK - could do well to more such friends. Luckily,

The principal facilitator of good change communication is the ability of the team behind it to understand how people (employees, partners, clients, consumers)

હવે 'સ્પેશ્યલ' નંબર ના મોટા પૈસા તો ખરા પણ અસલી કિંમત તો ગાડી

A cursory study of health communication would tell one that the catchy promotions of private chic gymnasiums beat hollow the rather ritualistic promotions

England will have to fight fire with fire when it comes to expressing it on the field. Get into the Ashes mindset and give it back to the opponent. Most

Internal communications ought to facilitate decision making at the top via quality ‘floor feedback’ and encourage employee participation and output

The BJP has done well in urban and semi-urban areas during the Gujarat local polls despite nearly everything going against it. Here is a look at the social