Collaborative Opportunities 

‘Leadership experience’ and ‘domain expertise’, are two of the defining attributes of Anshuman’s professional credentials.

Based upon his experience, here are a few avenues for collaboration with him:

  • Hire his services for Creating and Launching New (Media & Information Services) Projects 
  • Hire his services for TV / Film Projects (Story, script, dialogues, lyrics, production management, creative leadership, and film & television direction)
  • Hire his services for Communication Management of Existing / New Projects (Internal, external, corporate and marketing communications conception, strategy and delivery, PR and social media content and strategy)
  • Hire his services for a Syndicated Column (South Asian and Indian politics, entrepreneurship, communications, Hindi cinema and world cricket)
  • Hire his services for Talk / Lecture (News and newsroom processes, future of news, entrepreneurship, communications management and filmmaking)

Please use the Contact Form to express interest in collaborating with him.

Thanks for your time and interest. It is much appreciated and valued.