Anshuman Rawat is an Indian journalist, communications specialist, author, filmmaker and serial media entrepreneur.

His journalistic writing has appeared in Foreign Policy Association network (USA), Asia360 News (Singapore), The Huffington Post (UK), Asia Times Online (Hong Kong), International Institute for Asian Studies (Netherlands), New Age Islam (South Asia), Zee Premier, Swarajya (both India) and (India/US).

An anthology of his political commentaries was published in 2013 as a book, Conflicts, Geopolitics and Asia Volume 1: 2010-12 – A Short Diary of Notes from the Region, and is widely available at world’s leading online book stores.

He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal (USA), Vegas’ Arts & Entertainment Corner (USA), Correspondent TV (UK), The Times of India, The Indian Express, Mid-Day, Deccan Herald, Verve and FM Radio Mirchi (all India).

His long-term ambition is to play a leading role in the “development and spread of social welfare-oriented media convergence in India”.


Anshuman is the founder, project and communications director of Intelligence91 ™, “the world’s only India-centric travel intelligence company focused solely on providing critical travel intelligence in the form of travel risk management strategies and responses to help governments and organisations in their task of ensuring a secure and successful India travel of their workforce“.

He is also the founder and content and communications director of League of India, India’s first and only News Action Tank ™.

Along with the aforementioned, he is busy with his role as publisher, publishing manager and communications director of Peepal Ke Patte, a forthcoming classical novel in Hindi. The hardcover book would be out on stands in the last quarter of 2014.

He rounds off his schedule with independent consultancy related to the media and communications sector.


Entrepreneurial by instinct, Anshuman founded a film production company, The Lotus Eaters (TLE), in a tiny room in his parents’ home when he was only 25.

Under the banner, he went on to write, produce and direct A.O.D., one of India’s earliest English feature films in digital format.

A.O.D. was showcased at Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York editions of the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival (NYIIFVF) and the Pune edition of the Asian Film Festival (AFF), where it got a standing ovation and an invitation from a South Korean academic delegation for delivering a talk at their university.

After the AFF, a section of the press hailed him as an unknown young film wizard.

At 28, he founded Rawat Media Private Limited (RMPL), a media startup with its own corporate premises in Ahmedabad. RMPL functioned for over a decade before it was wound down due to geographic relocation and other personal reasons.

During that decade, however, he had led many a pioneering endeavour on behalf of RMPL. A couple of notable ones are:

In 2005-06, he founded and edited League magazine, Gujarat state’s first Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI) registered general interest English monthly. Also, to increase the reach of League magazine, he founded and managed Ahmedabad’s only social networking site, Kitli – Life@Tea™. In those days, “barely any print magazine editor integrated social media into his strategic plans“.

Two years later, he founded and edited The Indic Post, India’s only standalone internet newspaper of its time (just around the arrival of The Huffington Post).

Overall, he has led RMPL from the front during the last decade in creating, managing and delivering cross-platform content, cross-cultural communication and cross-domain consultancy services.

In an independent capacity, he worked in Singapore for a year (2011-12) as a senior editor at Asia360 News, a pan-Asia weekly news magazine and as an executive editor (simultaneously) of four business/trade monthly magazines (2007-08) at publishing and events company in Ahmedabad, India.

A holder of postgraduate diplomas in advertising and communications management (NIA, Delhi) and film and television production (XIC, Mumbai), Anshuman is a qualified civil engineer (MSU, Baroda).

He is a sport, cinema and travel enthusiast and stays with his mother, wife, and daughter in India.