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Thinking Aloud: To Found or to Not, a New News Product

As I grapple with the initial, broad mapping of content and technology architectures of a news journalism product that I plan to launch in India, I must admit that I am unusually distracted by the state of brand equity – and the consequent future – of the product category itself.

Video: Investor Pitch for Intelligence91™

Travel Intelligence India (Ti91) -- Our Ground for Your Feet in India ® - is the world's only subscription-based | Travel Intelligence Media Company | focused solely on providing critical travel intelligence to multinational corporations, government agencies and other businesses and non-profits about key regions, sectors, and issues in India, a country that is geographically huge, contextually extremely complex

Entrepreneurship Shorts Series: The First Four Letters

There’s always some distance to travel before you take the first step. It holds especially true for first-time entrepreneurs. So, it’s good practice to get A, B, C and D correct before hitting E, the first letter for every business adventure enthusiast.

Who Can Give You Advice?

Many first-time entrepreneurs, in their natural enthusiasm, tend to lap up advice of readily accessible experts – without first evaluating the guidance against the necessities of the overall contexts.

Boardroom Lessons from Brazil’s Disaster on Pitch

“This is not a defeat. This is a nation's pride and soul being destroyed,” remarked a senior Washington based news correspondent on Brazil’s humiliating 1-7 loss to Germany in the first semi final of FIFA World Cup 2014.

Six to Eight Weeks an Year

“Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs.” Malcolm S. Forbes “The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.” Oscar Wilde College life is that phase of life when each one of us wants to fly the highest in sky. Movies, music and masti seem […]