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The Restive New Voice

(16 December 2011) — As global headlines sway between economic meltdown in the West and violent uprisings in the Middle East, one social group is silently writing its own story in large parts of Asia. In one of the largest demonstrations in China since the Tiananmen Square protest in 1989, a public protest by the […]

The New Politics of Aid

(9 December 2011) — More than 3000 government officials from over 160 countries agreed to a new international architecture for aid last week in the port city of Busan, South Korea. The Fourth High Level Conference on Aid Effectiveness (HLF-4), which ended on December 1, was aimed at improving the way official development assistance (ODA) […]

The Bloody Birth of Bangladesh

(16 December 2011) — On 16 December 1971, the Indian army forced the ‘unconditional surrender’ of 90,000 Pakistani troops occupying East Pakistan after a decisive 14-day operation in support of the independence movement, giving birth to the nation state of Bangladesh. At the end of British rule in the Indian subcontinent in 1947, the region […]

The Balance is Tilting

(16 December 2011) — An interesting political concept in China proposes that the overall power of a nation-state can be quantitatively measured using an index called the Comprehensive National Power (CNP). An amalgamation of various quantitative benchmarks, the index takes into consideration the military (the hard power), economic and cultural (‘soft’ power) factors while calculating […]

Speaking Up

(13 January 2012) 2011, the year that Asia seemed to have discovered ‘people power’, has drawn to a close. But the people’s demand to be heard on a range of issues from graft to governance show no signs of abating. In particular, issues surrounding financial security may find increased resonance as Asian economies show signs […]