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Toilet: Ek Development Communication Katha

Akshay Kumar is fast emerging as a very unlikely bearer of varied and content-driven Hindi cinema. His latest film - despite its shortcomings - could end up as a case study on development communication, or Communication for Development (C4D), in the Indian context. 

Film Review: SHAMITABH

A 'mixture' (word explained in the film) of an earnest facade and a hidden someone ruling - and fooling - the film industry is quite a tantalising premise. Unfortunately, the narrative doesn't quite walk as well.

“Zero Percentile is a Story Which has Never been Read Before”

Interview with Neeraj Chhibba, author of ‘Zero Percentile – Missed IIT Kissed Russia‘ The beauty of literature is that it often enables our soul to live something that neither has our body experienced nor has our heart ever breathed before. Unfortunately, very little of what goes in the name of literature these days manages to […]

Film Review: Road Movie

Excerpt: In, what seems to be, yet another attempt to sell ”Indian Exotica” to western audiences, ”Road, Movie” becomes a largely contrived and entirely self-indulgent cinematic exercise. If you really must go on a journey today, take some other road. Spoiler Alert: Since the film is more about a collage of instances than a story, the […]

Film Review: Teen Patti

Excerpt: Ever played a game of three cards, where the first card provides undefined promise; the second card makes a potentially victorious pair with the first; but the last one, just as your heart longs to hit the jackpot, lets the first two cards down, decisively?Teen Patti stands for an enticing promise that never quite […]

Because Cinema Can Talk with & About Society So Well …

In this issue’s column, we’ll spend the entire time discussing an issue with the help of an Urdu feature film from Pakistan, Khuda Kay Liye. Directed by Shoaib Mansoor, Khuda Kay Liye revolves around a young Pakistani man named Mansoor who goes to the United States for higher education. During his study years, the tragic […]

The Long and Mid Shots of Digital Cinema

In a world where Film Festivals for films made on mobile phones are getting increasingly in vogue these days, almost every other person who has a digital camera feels like a filmmaker. And one of the best around, at that. And why not, with a Rs. 40,000 digital camcorder, about two dozen video tapes and […]