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Next Bhoot Please!

It was interesting reading the readers’ take on Ms. Deepa Gumaste’s review of Ram Gopal Varma’s Bhoot. Apart from many who chose to get personal about things, there was a vocal section that believed that though appreciating Hollywood films comes very easily to Indian critics, they seldom find anything good in Hindi movies. And this […]

Reading a Film Like Saawariya

Every single frame of a film (movie) is an amalgamation of a painter’s canvas, an actor’s histrionics, a musician’s melody (includes the use of silence) and the space-subject-action relation of theater. What separates one piece of cinema from the other, often, is the difference in the emphasis given by it to one art form from the other. […]

Film Review: KITES

Excerpt: Remember the days when you would climb up on to the rooftop with all the enthusiasm in the world for a good day of kite flying – only to realise that the wind is not sufficient for it to happen? Kites, for all the sincere enthusiasm of the makers – who quite clearly wish […]