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Shamed Mourinho Has Unleashed a Beast

The world cannot expect a Bradford to beat Mourinho's team at home and the team to not react. And further reaction there would be - as January 31 promises the season-deciding showdown in the Premier League.

English Cricket is Losing the Plot

It would have been okay if it were just about losing a test match to India at Lords Cricket Ground after 28 years. What should worry the mandarins of the game in its country of birth, however, is the complete lack of purpose and direction of the current team.

The Tricky Business of Permanent Residency

There are many ways in which modern societies are getting shaped across the world. Australia cast its vote recently in favour of crafting one by handpicking well heeled citizens from other countries.

An Even Match

A November 2011 report by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, a US congressional advisory panel, urged the White House and US Congress to scrutinize China's military expansion and pushed for a tougher stance against, what it dubbed as, anticompetitive Chinese trade policies.

The Japan-US Alliance is Here to Stay

Japan's ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) came to power in 2009 with the promise of "re-examining Japan's ties with the United States" and framing a foreign policy with "greater emphasis on Asia." Less than three years later, anxiety about the steady increase in China's economic strength, military power and political assertiveness in the region has forced the party to lean back on Japan's postwar alliance

Old Ties Die Hard

[This article was first published here on The Huffington Post] More than 20 years after a vote in its Senate asked the United States to vacate large-scale military bases in the country and leave, the Philippines announced on 27 January that it was looking for more joint military exercises with the US, as well as having a […]

2011: South Asia’s Continuing Battle with Violence & its Legacy

South Asia is often described as the most dangerous place on earth and the most promising emerging market - both in the same breath. The year 2011 illustrated in ample measure the implausible irony. The biggest international story of the year, according to The Associated Press' annual poll of US editors and news directors, was the killing of Osama Bin Laden in his hideout in Pakistan on 2 May.