Ever wondered how – if not why – some individuals on social media boast of a followers/friends pool that even most celebrities would give their right hand for?

If you have, the answer to it can provide much solace to your despairing soul. 🙂 Yes, ‘being successful’ on your favourite platforms is well within your reach too.

The recent political brouhaha surrounding an overwhelming number of Turkish followers of the previous chief minister of the western Indian state of Rajasthan on Facebook did a great service to budding young entrepreneurs of India. The issue told first-time businesspersons that quite like everything else in the marketplace, ‘success’ on Facebook and Twitter is also a commodity that can be bought – lock, stock and four secret barrels (Apologies to Guy Ritchie J) – over the counter (OTC). Whether that ‘success’ lasts or not, however, depends enormously on the follow-up actions that you take.

It is quite like the simple principal of product management that prescribes, first building a good product (perception of success on social media, in our case), and then following up with effective distribution and marketing, ‘good actions’ (keeping the flock together, engaging them and adding more to it, in our case).

So, if you are, say, an architect and not only have your sample work ready but also have uploaded them to Facebook, the first real challenge would be to ‘seen to be’ a successful architect. One of the surest ways of achieving that is to have many good updates about your work AND a robust number of likes and followers at the top right of your page.

Assuming that you do your work well, 🙂 you can begin your social media marketing by ‘buying Facebook likes or Twitter followers’ from a company like Boost Likes, which calls itself a social media promotion service that helps you “exponentially grow your social media following to improve your reputation”. An elementary search on the internet would tell you that there are many other companies too that do this. You can take your pick as per your requirement and budget.

During the first weeks, it just does not matter whether your updates have any bearing upon the many thousands of followers/likes that you have. All that matters at this early stage is that a relevant reader feels and believes that you have so many followers because of the updates that he is reading – and liking.

People tend to hit ‘like’ on Facebook pages that have many likes already – partially because it allows them to be associated with ‘successful communities’ and partially because they believe that it gives them too an avenue for mass outreach with fellow ‘likers’.

If you are just as savvy a seller as you are an architect, you could gradually start building one relevant ‘like’ over another upon the OTC followers/likes.

Mind you, it is almost mandatory for you to build upon the OTC followers/likes – for they come with only limited time guarantee! Yeah, it’s a tough world out there. 🙂

Doesn’t sound too improbable – or immoral, does it? 🙂


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