What end do they reach anyway,

What fruit do they bear anyway,
Of seeds, for leaves, is the story,
What do roots hope for anyway.

Of all the thoughts that breathe of you,
Of all the breaths that think of you,
I think I want to live the most,
The one that makes me one with you.

Wretched and hurting to the core,
Pray why should I breathe more?
No one waiting, no waiting for,
Would this just be or is there more?

Waiting to see the back of the strings,
The ones that tie me to the fringe.
Waiting for the day when soul does all,
Draw my moves and free my seams

And then she looked at me from far,
Oh it was good to be thus far.
Waiting to stop in vain for long,
Tells me just how near is all far.

I don’t know what it is, what it will be,
But this once I’ll let it be what it will be.
What have I got that I ever prayed for?
So this once I’ll let it be what it will be.

Was a dream that brought him to me,
Was a dream that took me to him.
Till he wanted me to be him,
Till I wanted him to be me.

Let one little evening not spoil the day,
Let one little evening not spoil the day,
I hear and again and wonder aloud,
Doesn’t the evening make it a lovely day?

Ever seen a pallor that flays,
A heart full of love that says,
Shunning the one that cares,
Pity thy fear, I pity your ways.

One more moment has changed its name. Yet,
Wonder if the moment ever lives by a name.
Would it speak for anything else, or,
Would my love for you be the same?


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