Can a personal experience be a universal story?

In my previous post, I had written:

Human Care Central is a child of immense pain, which did not stop to think about getting organised first before hitting the road. The idea was to immediately get going with the task of helping at least one person somewhere avoid the pain that we went through.

While the statement stays true from the perspective of the initiation of the enterprise, it is rather elementary that even if a person has no shoes, he has to choose a direction – unless it involves an escape against time.

So did we; we chose a direction that we believe could perhaps be a good path for others to walk too. A path that cares for the traveller in the widest manner possible.

The Genesis:

The birth of the idea was just a simple – and single – experience of mobility denial  to a critically ill elderly person by the current state of infrastructure around us. But the idea now stands for every single unique need of daily living.

Simply because during our study of the ‘human needs universe’ around us, from real life, mind you, we became increasingly aware of a truth that stares our world right in the face – and yet is largely invisible:

You may be perfectly healthy but still find it challenging to carry out a particular activity of daily living, right?

And therein lies the evolved expanse of the original idea.

We understand how an unwell, unfit or under-blessed person can find daily living a taxing exercise. And they form the ‘immediate and emergency recipients’ of our proposed universe of solutions. But that is an obvious response, isn’t it? The real idea of care is to reach up to a person who might not look to be needing acute care.

That, dear friends, is one of the most complete forms of the idea. And that has evolved from a single, personal experience.

Thanks for reading the EveryCare Diaries. I would be indebted if you support further evolution of the idea us on other platforms too.


[The series shares with you the ‘behind the scenes’ world of #humancarecentral and shall continue till the launch day]

[These are personal notes and hence may not always pass through stringent linguistic quality checks that our business adheres to]

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