As you cross the IIM and Atira, in Ahmedabad, you are sure to be attracted to the Ahmedabad Management Association, which is a much loved and respected institution, that holds a unanimous appeal. It has something for everyone. Be they children, adults or senior citizens! Summer workshops for kids, Post Graduate Diploma Programmes, Workshops and Lectures, are all parts of their agenda.

AMA is synonymous with Always Moving Ahead. It is a happening place, whose aim is to provide management education and professional enhancement through training and interactive sessions. AMA has always given prominence to activity rather than individuals. It provides an environment wherein, persons visiting AMA feel good and desire to learn and excel in their professional endeavours.

This year is extremely special and will go down in a prominent way, in the history of AMA, as this is the Golden Jubilee Year!!    Celebrations are in the air, with a whole lot of series of lectures, some of which have already taken place! There was a unique and brilliant suggestion to prepare a book, as a part of these celebrations, based on the feedback and experiences of the Past Presidents of AMA. The outcome was the book, “Reflections From The Past”, which went down memory lane and brought back to light, all the previous Past Presidents! Shri. Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, honoured the AMA by visiting it at a public function, as well as releasing this book, felicitating the Past Presidents and unveiling the AMA Expansion Project!

Another event that was a milestone achieved for AMA was the Golden Jubilee Management Convention, “The Next Practices: Innovations from India”. Dr. C.K. Prahalad acted as the Convention Chairman while distinguished speakers from highly successful companies and institutes spoke about their innovations, which constituted an integral part in their success!

Some of the recent lectures  have held the audience absolutely captive. Mr. Abhijat Joshi, Scriptwriter of Lage Raho Munnabhai, spoke about Gandhigiri, how he was inspired and how most of the concepts in the movie took shape. Ms. Sathya Saran, Editor, ME, enlightened an avid audience about grooming and presentation skills. “Be true to who you really are”, said Sathya and spoke about the importance of internal grooming as an essential ingredient for external presentation!

Sunita Williams graced the occasion when AMA honoured her at a Felicitation Function, held at the IIM. She had a most unassuming personality, and shared with the audience, not only her experiences in space, but also how, even after reaching heights  most of us can only imagine, she is still very firmly grounded!! She was witty, informative as well as compassionate towards others, in her short visit here. “Limitations only exist in our mind”, she said.

Dr. Martin Grossman, Mrs. Anju Timblo, Mr. Jayanta Murthy, Ashok Puri, Mr. Vikram Singh Mehta, Dr. Darlie O Koshy and Mr. David Kester, have also given lectures as a part of the celebrations.

The foundation stone has been laid and the work for the Extension of the AMA building, is under way. A new library, state of the art auditorium and more classrooms will soon be added facilities at AMA. The Golden Jubilee Year will hopefully witness the inauguration of the extension.

The secret of the success of AMA, lies deep within its foundation. “Selfless Giving”, is the motto of the people who work behind the scenes. The love and support that helps it grow, be it with baby steps, is something that cannot go without mentioning. Right from  The President, Mr. Rajiv Vastupal, the members of the committees, the executive director, the secretariat, students, participants and members, all deserve credit for its success. Their faith is what gives it inspiration to give better than its best!


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