They say Amdavadi youth do not join the armed forces. Setting aside being too technical by citing the examples of our cousin and his uncle’s son, we’ll have to admit that it is just about near the truth. Just as Sikhs of Punjab do not venture into stock market, we don’t venture into the armed forces – big deal, right?

Well, the example cited and the logic extracted from that is accurate in itself but may not necessarily be the best way to move forward in life – whether or not we join the armed forces.

In any case, can there be a ‘genetic’ reason behind our not opting for the armed forces? Of course not. A fit person is a fit person irrespective of his lineage and a slouch is a slouch.

So, it basically boils down to the fact that armed forces just don’t attract us Amdavadi youth as a career for a good and comfortable future.

But how inaccurate can that be?

Indian armed forces stand for the most ideal life and lifestyle within the cramped-for-room-and-inspiration surroundings of ours. Apart from the respect that comes naturally with it, a stint with the armed forces almost guarantees a support system for all faculties of a good family life – viz medical cover and best of medical facilities for the family, the absolute best of sporting and recreation facilities, best of schooling for the kids of the family, concession in goods and travel and most of all, exposure to a meaning in life.

The armed forces actively encourages its personnel to go for skill augmentation. A lot of defence personnel opt for learning computers, some hone their management skills while some others express themselves through an occasional brush with the film or music world. Really, the sky is the limit when you join the armed forces. And hey, we aren’t even talking about the adrenalin that runs across one’s soul while wearing the uniform and going for the daily drill.

The only medal winner of the last Olympics, Major Rajyawardhan Rathore has often said that it is his stint with Army that gives him the edge over other competitors. Simply because you not only get the attitude and environment but also the best of techniques at the armed forces. Needless to add here, Rathore’s spunk can be replicated in other walks of life too.

We’ve seen all sort of fake losers give a tribute to the armed forces by having an ‘Army’ sticker on their bikes and cars. Doesn’t it say something?

And hey, didn’t you read about a few ex-armymen studying at IIM (A)?. A fit body, a sound mind and a great future, does it get any better than this?

All things said and decimated, the real truth of life is that there is more to life than a normal rat race. We say, if you want to race, race for the country. There’s no greater pride than that. Your mother, sister and girl friend would agree.

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