‘Taking everyone together as a team’ is a heart-warming sentiment that almost always stands the risk of failing the test of circumstances. For, the unpalatable truth of life is that not everyone is born equal – or can even grow to be an equal.

There are some who take the reins of the moment in their hands and either convince others in the team to follow them or simply bulldoze their own flock decisively into following them. Very few such people have been there in the history; and with the advent of the ‘right to equality’ cacophony across physical and metaphysical spaces, there would be even fewer of ‘iron men’ in the future.

Luckily, India currently has one such person. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his previous responsibility, could ‘neutralize’ the pretenders in his party into following him in Gujarat. If India has to deliver its promise in the coming decades, he would have to succeed in achieving the same in New Delhi. And he only has one year to raise the bar – and the barrier – for the pretenders in the NDA government (the opposition barely exists elsewhere). Just one year. Beyond that lies the possible resurgence of the regurgitated.

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