Top prize winning NID team performing on the song ‘Beedi Jalai Le’ of Omkara

(Field Reporter: Anshuman Rawat)

Chaos, the alluring annual festival of IIM-A lived up to its name during this year’s edition of the mega student confluence. Change of venue from the magnificent Louis Kahn Plaza to the immensely mundane dusty grounds of the new campus seemed to have taken a bit out of the feeling. Maybe we will get used to this new place soon.

For the moment though, the festifval was brought alive by the ‘duel under the stars’ between NIFT (Gandhinagar) and NID (Ahmedabad) on the stage, especially during the ‘Fashion Parade’.

The fashion parade’s themes were Halloween’ and ‘u cant’ (wear fabric. The unconventional section saw a great range of materials – from acrylic to plastic to wheel rims to hay to waste material to metal! Aided by creative props and complimentary music, the the fashion parade managed to ‘shock and awe’ the near-collegiate audience. Amidst a murmur of protest by flouting of rules by a team or two, the top prize in the ‘Fashion Parade’ was bagged by the team from NIFT.

The impressive and much-disappointed NID team took the runners-up trophy in the event. The two promise to lock horns again in the next edition of the festival. Consolation for NID came in the form of an NID-ian winning the best model of the evening award.

But what brought smiles on the faces of NID-ians was victory in the ‘Choreo’ (dance sequence) category. The theme was a competition within the competition wherein people in a village called ‘Sitapur’ compete with each other. Had to be seen to be believed. Be there, next year.


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