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Multiculturalism is either a two-way street to and fro the idea of a nation state or just another opportunity for the centrifugal forces to build up to the center.  © Anshuman Rawat

Quote: Final Battle

In the decisive battle of life, when there’s absolutely nothing to lose, there’s absolutely nothing to hide. © Anshuman Rawat

Muffled Noise

When one lives in the dark for too long, acquiring a few methods of the dark are all too obvious. But what do you do when shadows stay on for too long; refuse to return to the roots, ever; and, quite literally, overshadow the being?

Quote: Legacy

If you think that every life should leave a good name behind, tell me a name that you’ve never forgotten in a day.  © Anshuman Rawat

Quote: Origin / Destination

Those who cry about their origin never reach their destination. © Anshuman Rawat

Love Story of Two Deaths …

The following is an extract from I Am Ahmedabad, a collection of short stories ### How does life matter when it can last or be lost owing to the nature of a mere hanging flesh of one’s body? Surrounded by a berserk mob of 500 knife-brandishing men in the middle of an otherwise busy by […]

Digital Abstract – Pursuit of a Single Thread