It is true; when the weather is cool, breezy & generally everything that the soul ever longs for, we tend to never realize that we all, whether alone or together with others, walk along life with a shadow each – at least of our own. It is only when the setting becomes unbearably bright and hot  for it to  be able to hide within its secret, self-afflicted dungeon, does that little secret of nature come out.

Of course, it is okay for every bearing of life to get some fresh air. And it invariably happens too – at times by stroke of destiny; at other times because of precise craft of a setup; and almost at most times by accident. It does not matter.

When one lives in the dark for too long, acquiring a few methods of the dark are all too obvious. But what do you do when shadows stay on for too long; refuse to return to the roots, ever; and, quite literally, overshadow the being? Can it be nature’s dialogue with its beings, telling all, of the latter being mere sun-soaked bodies of their shadowy essence?

I guess not; for, I see shadows getting deeper, longer and ever so overbearing, all around me. You may well say that it includes my shadow too; and I shall be willing to have a dialogue on that. But with you and I not being together at the moment, what else can I, but speculate on the heart of that dialogue.

What would you have told me, if my shadow was becoming me? Would you have suggested recoil of some of the dark? Which ones? Do you think I would have agreed at them getting dubbed as dark by you? What if I would have not? All the same, what if I would have, but would have expressed the inability to turn the clock back? Or pointed out to greater dark on your side of the fence? What would you have told me? In a world where ever more expensive ‘shades’ are being brought every moment to hide from the literal bright, what would you have told me about the abstract called shadow?

What do you think I would have told you? I don’t know myself.

Or maybe, I would have just told you to acknowledge that you notice your shadow. I would have urged you to accept that your shadow is not in the same plane as my shadow anymore – for, it now utterly neglects my shadow, and talks directly with me. Or worse, talks to me. I would have told you that I want to talk with you. I would have told you that it is okay for your shadow to keep an eye on me, but it would be good if you, and only you, talk with me.

Yes, I guess that’s what I would have told you.

Anyway, I would be waiting for the day when we get together, and you tell me what you think of me and my shadow. And I am saying that when I am alone; after dusk.

[Unedited; painted in one stroke]


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