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It is so Near; We are so Far …

How far is too far? 8 to 10 kms? Yes, that’s how far we are from a heritage treasure. Sarkhej Roza is the place and wesay it would not be a bad destination for a lazy early winter Sunday. You’ve probably encircled it many times in your life. If not, then you have surely been […]

Hu’s to decide public morality in China?

In a country with rigid dos and ‘don’ts and a military-oiled administrative machinery, one would think that the Presidentwould not have much to do. Unless, you go for the jugular of it all – striving to give a shape to humanity itself! The proponent of a ‘Harmonious Society’, Hu Jintao had initially given an impression […]

Empire Strikes Back?

What should the world expect from a leader who says ‘enough’ to the habit of Japan apologizing for its war crimes? One can be forgiven for mistaking him for a mild and impeccably mannered Manager of a service or hospitality sector firm. But Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the first Japanese leader born after World War […]

Did Pluto Deserve It?

Good ol’ Pluto is no longer a planet. It has been demoted to the status of being a ‘dwarf planet’. As expected, the decision is not without its critics. A vote at the International Astronomical Union’s (IAU) 10-day General Assembly in Prague this summer has demoted Pluto to the status of a dwarf planet. The […]

The Purna Satya

Dev was often introduced as the sequel-in-spirit of Ardh Satya. And much to its credit, Dev did manage to live up to the colossal identity. Alas, as the film’s box office faring reiterated, the success of an Ardh Satya of 1970s would be difficult to emulate today; unless backed by an all-round marketing blitz. For, […]

What is the Benchmark?

Portuguese traveler Barbosa, who visited Gujarat in A.D. 1511 and 1514, had described Ahmedabad as “very rich and well embellished with good streets and squares supplied with houses of stone and cement.” In Sir Thomas Roe’s time, A.D. 1615, it was said to be “a goodly city as large as London”. How things have changed! […]

Just Not Cricket

Just not Cricket is a phrase that speaks for life much beyond the boundary ropes of a Cricket ground. It speaks for anything that is not fair, anywhere. Alas, one need not have gone too far to understand the real meaning of the expression. The misfortune was right there in front of our eyes, on […]