Anshuman Rawat

Author. Entrepreneur. Filmmaker. Journalist.

I dream of the evolution and institutionalization of social welfare-oriented convergence of media and technology.

Extract: Meander (Short Story)

The following is an extract from Meander, a short story ### What a place! Wish I could keep meandering here. Forever! No need to find good food to prove a point. No need to wear different clothes for different occasions. Perfect! But everything wasn’t as serene in Rashi’s heart of twenty-two years. Daily fracas with […]

Extract: Svetlana (Short Story)

The following is an extract from Svetlana, a short story ### My name is Svetlana. Svetlana Safina. It is a very common name in Russia. why, even two of my seven sons have married girls name Svetlana. My surname is also very common. Four girls in my apartments have the same surname. So it is […]


One moment I was clicking a tiger family as it crossed our path in Kanha national park, and the very next instant I was measuring the infinite sands of Jaisalmer atop a camel. But before the sands could enter my eyes, I found myself meters away from a Himalayan bear in Gulmarg’s snow capped peaks. Only to find myself spotting the huge rhinos in the Kajiranga grasslands.

Documentary Review: Sangharsh – Against All Odds

The more you take out from a creation, the greater it becomes. Whether or not it holds true for my experience while watching an inspiring documentary entitled Sangharsh – Against All Odds late last night, I certainly came out of it with a renewed hope for things around. Sangharsh reinforces the learning that there are […]

Whose Line Is It Anyway

For years after the Shahenshah, it took three to triango! However, if we were to believe the media, one stroke of brilliance from a light eyed father’s even lighter eyed son might set the triangle to square one. Square of one-man domination i.e.. But not many are complaining. Atleast not the better sex. Right ladies? […]

My Anger, My Being

My Anger, My Being Albert Pinto, that quintessential angry young man, is my hero. Not because he could not help but get angry at things. But because he did accept and stand by his anger. But then, I'm told that he is not such a good hero to have.

Next Bhoot Please!

It was interesting reading the readers’ take on Ms. Deepa Gumaste’s review of Ram Gopal Varma’s Bhoot. Apart from many who chose to get personal about things, there was a vocal section that believed that though appreciating Hollywood films comes very easily to Indian critics, they seldom find anything good in Hindi movies. And this […]