Copies of the very confidential and potentially fiery reports submitted by the Coach and players to BCCI are now with KT. We were surprised by the candour with which all the concerned have poured their heart out on the issues surrounding the World Cup debacle. Here’s a sneak peek for you. Remember, you got it first on KT.

Obviously everyone’s extremely  disappointed with the results. And a lot of talk is going around about a lot of things. But I would like to make one thing very clear – there are NO attitude problems; there is NO groupism in the team and the seniors really, really TAKE GOOD CARE of the juniors.
That probably comes from the fact that India is a great country; with a  great culture. It is a peace loving country – as it should be. The fans are really great and peace loving – as they should be. As they really should be.

PS 1: Pawar, mate, I don’t want to live in a hotel. Can you get me into some good place, like Bombay Hospital or something? NOW.
PS 2: I’ll email or sms the other half of my report to you from Australia.

The boys played really well. Unfortunately we could not play as well as we would have probably liked to. But full credit to the boys. I mean, it’s kind of sad that we did not get the results that we probably would have liked; but the boys played really well. I hope we can take out a few things from the contest and build a team for the next world cup.

PS 1: I’m ready to continue.

I’m sad and hurt. After 17 years of playing for the country, it seems I will have to play for 4 more years. I feel tired. But my commitment cannot be questioned. By person of any nationality. I have given my heart and soul to score over 14,000 runs. I’m sure that a few hundred timely runs would help us win the next World Cup.

PS 1: I’m ready to lead the team

I’m playing well. My records show it. I consider the knock of 60-odd runs in 120-odd balls against Bangladesh as my best contribution in the World Cup. As I said, I’m playing well. And I plan to continue playing for India for at least a couple of more years.

PS 1: I’m ready to lead again

We played three games there and I got a century in one of them. A player is only as good as his last two games. And I average over 70 in my last two games. I’m playing well. And I have no complaints against any Australian.

PS 1: I’m ready to be vice captain

I bowled Veeru twice a day in nets. Rahul didn’t find it good enough.

I have retired.

PS 1: You know why.
PS 2: I’m willing to come back if you insist enough.

I don’t know what is to be written here. I would say that whatever Sachin says is true.

PS 1: I’m ready to play under Sachin.

I still remember Australia’s tour to India when we beat them in test series. It was a high point in my career. I will try to reach that status again. Dada says I can do that if I play under him.

PS 1: I’m ready to play under dada

People say that the moment I  bowled the first ball of our match against Sri Lanka wide, down the leg side, they were reminded of the 2003 Final. And that they knew then that we would lose. I gave only 10 runs in the first over this time, as against 15 in the 2003 final. And we still lost. So, I guess it is all destiny.

PS 1: I’m ready to play under dada

I don’t care what media writes. I don’t care for anyone else too. I played well and would have won the match for India if Rahul had not run me out. Sachin is right about commitment. Rahul is a very good man.

PS 1: I’m ready to play under dada

Shaayad Allah ko manzoor nahin thha ki main ek bhi match kheloon. Thheek hai. Abhee toh umra padi hai.

I fielded well in the nets and never gave the seniors any reason for complaints.

PS 1: Did you read the article in which Greg talked of me as the future captain?
PS 2: I did not pay him.

Mahender Singh:
Sometimes it works. Some times it does not. This time it did not. Bas.


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