Monsoon is for dogs. Especially for those who don’t wear suits and live on the streets. Winter is for the one in suits. Which other season can beat the heavenly period of hiding (kutchchi) beer bellies under leather jackets and for once, making your partner feel good about you. Of course, the fun last only till the leather jacket exists.

But the season that is boutique-designed for us girls is summers. It’s the season that separates real bodies from the accessories. Trust me, flimsy cotton T-shirts reveal the entire story about the boys who had roamed around us on bikes and leather jackets all winter long. And must admit here, we do end up falling for one or two of them. Thank God for summers, at least some of them get eliminated before any serious damage is done to our dupattas! Or beyond that.

But the biggest one for us in the season is that it is the only season that gives us, us girls, to check out guys without any strain or restrain. Oh yes, one can drill around for as long as one wants and the chances of it being found out remain slim.

On the other hand, men have no option but to either ‘extrapolate to infinity’ the person inside the jute bag or ignore our presence on Amdavadi roads as an attack of the clones! What makes things particularly satisfying for us girls is that because of our foolproof clothing, guys are always too scared to say anything or stare for long. Because for their efforts in being the Hrithik of Dhoom 2, they might end up finding out that the Mallika within the dupatta is actually their little sister Malti!

Jiske liye humne rakhi thhee nayi T-shirt pehen,
Nikli woh to us T-shirt ko gift karne walli hi behen

However, whether we like it or not, we end up practicing the fine art of seduction every time we park our two-wheeler nearby a big group of guys. For, quite like the readers of mystery novels, the young men wait with bated breath to see us come out of the various layers of the fabric-sun-screen. Soon, we learn to tease them by going slow and methodical about coming out of the various layers of the purdah.

The idea is not to put on a show for anyone. The idea is to inculcate the confidence of being very near to a group of men, without getting too nervous about it. And that’s the beauty of summers. It allows us to design our own safety gear. Just as it teaches guys to be afraid, very afraid of teasing any girl. Least of all their own real sister.


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