Orthodox side of every religion, in one way or the other, would teach us that God is present in every single particular of this world – either as a resident or the landlord of that particle. Furthermore, anything that takes place or is made to happen is either God on an auto-pilot mode or acting through a ‘worldly driver’ (human being). And that apart from the teaching of God living in our heart or in our inner soul.

Is that the ONLY or absolute truth? Does God really live everywhere?

If you read the first paragraph again, you would end up feeling like an X-Box 360 or Playstation gaming console – designed by someone, directed by someone, for some purpose. Is that what we humans are; mere puppets of God?

That can’t be true for many reasons. But the biggest one of them all is that I’m sure God would want to give a little more respect to his best creation – the human brain. Of course, some atheists would suggest that it is the other way around, God is in fact the human brain’s best creation. But we shall not get into the subject of the ‘presence’ of God itself. We shall stick to the present subject of the omnipresence (if at all) of God.

According to all religions, God – even at the darkest hour, from all perspectives – stands for everything good. If there is despair, God stands for hope. If there is craving, God stands for contentment. If there is anger, God stands for peace. So on and so forth.

But hey, read all of that again. If God stands for hope, then what is that despair about? What is that despair’s origin and ‘composition’? If God lies ‘within despair’ too – as per the teachings – then “why that despair so despairing for us”? Why isn’t that despair actually hope for us right from the beginning – meaning, in effect, the death of despair (at the hands of God?) right at its birth itself?

Yes, if God stands for hope and God is everywhere, how can despair even exist on this planet?

Alternatively, if God stands for despair too, then how different is HE from us humans, with all our strengths and failings? One often take solace in the presence of more of the same kind, but he doesn’t surrender himself to them, does he?

The hope vs despair example can be extrapoleted to almost all the sitautions of this world. Some babies are born healthy, some are not. Some women give easy births, some even lose their lives. Some people get away with murders, while some die of a stray sniper bullet. Some people lose their lives to evil people, while some die at the hands of nature’s fury. Some lead a healthy, happy but short life, while some suffer bad health and unhappy mind for long years.
If God is everywhere, why is there such blatant ‘discrepancy of destinies’?

I believe that God has sent us here to this planet and has now moved back. HE is watching every move of every individual and giving ‘grades’ in accordance with a person’s conduct under various circumstances. But HE is not ‘in the ring’. He is like a cricket coach, done with his job and now watching – from a distance – the performances of his wards.

Once back in the pavilion, the players would either get a sack or get the cap for another match. The coach is just at one place. At a place from where he can see all the players. And if players concentrate a little hard, they too can see the coach in the team balcony. Now, whether to play straight or tamper with the ball is in the hands of the players.

So take your call friends. You can do whatever you wish to. God would not stop you from doing it. HE can’t; because he is sitting at a distance. But HE can see us all at all times. Because he is the only one amongst us allowed to use the binoculars and log in our every move in his computer.

God is not everywhere.


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