It clearly is the season of brand building exercise for Ahmedabad. With billboards across the city showing some celebrity or the other either listening to or saying something into a symbolic microphone-cum-earpiece, how could the Kitli have stayed untouched by all the excitement?

So it was decided that we will put up a questionnaire at a few select Kitlis across the city. We announced that the best answer would to each question would get an addhee cha and bun-maska from League magazine. With such amazing jackpot of a prize, the response was, as expected, fantastic.

We present the questions and the best answers, along with the names of the winners. Read on and get a pulse of what Ahmedabad feels … about itself.

What do you think of Ahmedabad?

Amdavad etle lehar, paani ane bhajiya. In sort, bhaad mein jaye duniya, hum bajayein harmoniya.
(Vipul Maniar, Sales, Telecom)

Is Ahmedabad a global city?
Etle? (meaning?)
(Prashant Desai, Student)

Should prohibition be relaxed?
What difference does it make anyway. In fact, purely from the consumer’s point of view, I would be happy if it is not. Without the taxes, it costs less!

On a serious note, I don’t think it should be. Life is beautiful without it too. In fact, I pity those who say that they can’t dance in a disc till they have a drink. And as for business, I think Gujarat is doing well without the revenue out of liquor.
(B Suresh, Techie.)

[We would like to ask B Sureh one thing: Are you always this serious? :-)]

How do you compare Ahmedabad with Bangalore and Hyderabad?
No comparison. They are better. They have IT industry.
(Vikas Arora, student)

Badha harkaj chhe. (Each is on an equal footing) India nu kaain na thaai. (There’s not much hope for India)
(Jignesh Gala, Tour  operator)

Which one thing defines our city?
Etle? (meaning?)
(Prashant Desai, Student)

I think business, garba and safety for women.
(Ritesh Kriplani, businessman)
[Where did you learn your math Ritesh? We had asked for one thing.]

What would Ahmedabad be like in the year 2020?
Everything would be the same. You would be asking us the same questions. We would be giving you the same answers.
(B Suresh, Techie.)

More traffic, more flyovers; even more traffic, even more flyovers; even more traffic, no more flyovers.
(Hitesh Khandwala, MD)

Alya, aatlu duur nu na vicharai.
(Vipul Maniar, Sales, Telecom)

When we had started, we’d thought that six questions would not be enough and it would not give us the complete picture. But as you just read, we’ve got a load-full from the kitli junta. The message is clear, either talk for the heck of talking something. Anything. Or just get down to work.

[Was that for us by any chance?]

You never know what you can hit upon at an Amdavadi Kitli. The KT team was recently at a kitli near Nehru Nagar when it hit upon a Kitli Poet (KP). Don’t look for John Keats here and you would be happy.

Woh Amdavad Hai Mera

Jahan gaai aur bhens
beech sadak pe
roz banaye ghera
woh amdavad hai mera
woh amdavad hai mera

Jahaan khadi bike pe
Ulte hokar,
Log milayen naina
Woh amdavad hai mera
Woh amdavad hai mera

Jahaan gali, gali mein
chaa ki kitli
karti hai basera
woh amdavad hai mera
woh amdavad hai mera

jahaan har diwal ko
paan ki pichkaari
karti hai rangeela
woh amdavad hai mera
woh amdavad hai mera

Jahan hall ko hole
Aur mall ko mole
Bolein bhai aur behna
Woh amdavad hai mera
Woh amdavad hai mera

Jahan kinetic pe
May aur June mein
Dikhein kewal naina
Woh amdavad hai mera
Woh amdavad hai mera

Jaha zor zor se
Chillakar ke
Khana ek kala hai
Woh amdavad hai mera
Woh amdavad hai mera


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