Dear fellow castist Indians:

It gives us, the talking heads of Castists United (henceforth referred to as Cas Utd.), great pleasure in sharing the details of the first Castists United Rashtriya Sammelan, Etawah (CURSE).

It has been noted that not enough number of castes in India have been allowed to get lower in the caste hierarchy. It is an even worse form of exploitation than not being allowed to move up in the caste ladder. After all, what does one get in becoming a higher caste than the present one? If today, in any big Indian city, you say you belong to higher caste you would either be called a castist or would be told “those days are now gone”.

While we too agree that those days are now gone, it is extremely painful for us to learn that a person with static mentality, who is proud of his present caste, is equated with our group – a group of downwardly mobile individuals . We have repeatedly lodged complaints with concerned authorities about some people trying to malign our noble organisation by casually using the term ‘castist’.

The term cannot be allowed to be used casually. The whole point of struggle today is to eventually become a lower caste today and much lower tomorrow.

For the purpose CURSE has come up with a healthy, peaceful, democratic and noble dialogue – about an individual’s right to continuously downgrade his caste for the purpose of serving the mankind. Or for national integration. It can even be about greenhouse effect. Or for just about anything. As they say in Hindi, “yeh toh sochne waale ki shradhha par hai”.

But how can this happen when some people are already proud of their castes while others don’t want others to learn the art of living by means of belonging to a politically lower caste. The present system is full of corrupt people, who want people to either be happy of their caste or rise about caste. They do not want to make any more divisions to their pie. They are trying to stop people with aspirations for lower caste pie by calling ‘pie’ a western concept, “gorey logon ki saazish”.

We say it is complete nonsense. And only an excuse to not give us our rightful share.

We might be of any caste, but we shall never give away our right of being of a lower caste. In a democracy, it’s the lowest common denominater that should rule. And the lowest common denominator says that everyone should be brought down to the lowest common denominator level. When there’s no inequality, there’s no injustice. Or something like that. Maybe.

But the point arises as to how should we go about achieving our target of making India a nation of consistently falling caste index.

One rightful method would be to burn public transport buses to attract attention and instill fear in the minds of the authorities. But the quality of government buses raises serious doubts about the safety of our boredom fighters during the operation. And targetting private properties would take away public support.

That has left us with no other option but to organise CURSE. We have not been able to chart any plan of action or roadmap. But we have managed to generate some demands. Kindy find them attached after this letter.

Jai low, lower, lowest castist.
~ Cas. Utd.


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