It was by far the biggest market research exercise undertaken by Kitli Times (KT), along with the expert of the field, NBPN.

11,400 individuals from the various strata of the Amdavadi society were painstakingly selected and interviewed by the KT-NBPN team of professionals.

And what we found was nothing short of shocking.

46 % of the respondents feel that Sardar Manmohan Singhji should now become the President of India. Because he is the most suited person as per the demands of 10, Janpath. Oops, we mean, demands of the nation. He not only is the most experienced for the job but is also a nice human being. What a rare combination. Otherwise, when do nice people in India get the opportunity to get experienced!

However, Manmohan Singh is at least a politician (or something similar to that; or maybe not. Hmmm! Maybe he is. Oh come on, at least he is in a party of seasoned politicians. Bingo. That’s what he is – a part of a fluid group of hardened politicians). Whatever.

So, Sardar Manmohan Singh has got at least something to do with politics. (Or has he? Oh come on, don’t you start the whole thing all over again.)

Anyway, as we were trying to say, Manmohan Singh is at least found with people ideally meant for politics, but the 2nd preference of Ahmedabad City has never had much love lost for politicians. In fact, he never had any love lost for anyone in this world – except for musicians from Pakistan and, of course, for itching his underarms through the perennially open buttons of his shirt.

Yes, you’ve squirmed rightly in your thoughts – the 2nd most preferred candidate for the next President of India is the Mahesh opinion-a-second Bhatt.

Most of the respondents agreed that not only is his opinion never required but also not ever heard. And it is precisely that rare trait, which makes Bhatt a suitable candidate.

A distant third, but with a healthy 14 % nevertheless, is the flavour of the season, our very own Himesh Reshammiya. Going with the consistent barbs at his allegedly nasal singing, those who took the polls in Ahmedabad went ahead and cast their vote for the ability of Himesh to not only keep his nose high but also to feed and respect it! They all believed that the trait would stand in good stead while UPHOLDING the nose (respect) of the office of the President.
As ever, one can expect GLOVADIs to come up with ingenious reasons for their decisions. But then, that’s what makes this city such a vibrant one – with or without the extravaganza of the same name every year.

Others in contention were Bhairon Singh Shekhavat (4% – “he’s old now and deserves to have a comfortable retired life at Rashtrapati Bhavan”!) Pratibha Patil (2% – “she’s old and a woman and deserves to have a comfortable retired life at Rashtrapati Bhavan”!), APJ Abdul Kalam (1.5% – “Saaro maanas chhe, my kids like him”) and the local pride, Parthiv Patel (0.5% – “khaali, emaj (for no particular reason, JUST)”!)

Well, one may or may not agree with the results thrown up by this massive poll by KT-NBPN, but the authorities in Delhi would have to sit up and take notice of the voice of the 7th biggest city of India.

As for you, GLOVADIs, send us your views on the painstaking opinion poll. Tell us your views on the results, on the candidates or maybe your views on just about anything. Who cares anyway.


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