We boys start noticing girls around Class 9 – only to find them “oh so weird and not fun at all”. But only till we reach Class 12. Because after that,  girls become the only reason why we want to succeed or why we failed! Such a drastic turn in a matter of two years; as if life was not full of issues already for 17 year-olds.

But what I have recently realised (after getting into a city-based science college) is that I too have a heart. (Eureka!) A heart that keeps on writing poetry for anyone who would ever care to read them. Fortunately, when you get a forum like League, you are sure that thousands of people would be reading your poetry (or whatever they were meant to be). I mean no offence to people who have got published in this magazine thus far. It’s just that I am naturally offensive. Particularly to girls. Oh God dad, why do I look like you!

Anyway, as I was saying, I recently realised that I have a heart that loves writing poetry. Before I move ahead on the topic, here are a few lines:

I am what you want me to be,
You are what you want to be,
What kinda nonsense is this,
Everything’s what YOU want to be?

Anyway, the thing is, while my heart loves writing poetry, other people’s hearts don’t love reading them! My dad used to say that this is not a fair world. Oh God dad, why do you always want to be right?

Fortunately, unlike as in school, when you are in college, you can be at other colleges during your own college hours! And with such tight traveling schedules across the various colleges of the city, you do learn a thing or two about life.
Generally the first learning for people like is that of the extreme insignificance or our selves in comparison to the big university campus dudes and dudettes.

And the 2nd important learning is that almost everyone thinks the same. YES! Except for a few cousins of Salman and Kareena, most of the college people seem to be wanting to be someone else. Of course, even if we all go through the exchange program, I doubt if anyone would ever want to be me. But then, that’s partly to do with the fact that SHE (the idea of a feminine God is infinitely more appealing) doesn’t make them like me anymore. Ahem!

Anyway, moving around from one college (canteen) to another has taught me that women are the same everywhere. And that they look the best in two seasons – monsoon and Navratri. While Navratri is a bit far at the moment, here’s one from me for girls in monsoon:

Either you hurt us or we get hurt
The sum total is always our hurt
But this ain’t about sums & totals
It’s about monsoon & your t-shirt

Reminded you of John Keats, eh? Well, monsoon does inspire me to write some heart-crushing poetry.

And why not, monsoon is such a lovely season. We can wear the same clothes for three months and God would keep on washing them for you! The more philosophically-inclined say that you can cry in the public and the world wouldn’t know. I have feel something similar; with my nose replacing their eyes. The flow is kept the same!

When I was young, I used to laugh at men who would sit outside ATIRA and other such places with their girlfriends during rains. I could not understand how girls can ever score over playing football in muddy grounds, amidst heavy rains. But now, when I’m a lot wiser, I still believe that girls can never score over playing football in rains! It’s just that you can’t always be playing football, right? And you can’t always be playing for your own self.

After school, playing sports requires inspiration. And my inspiration this month is to be able to go out in rain with a girl; make her sit at the edge of the ground and play football. Sigh!


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