The following is an extract from the chapter Reminiscence of the novel / screenplay adaptation Autumn Crocus


Kim had never thought that someday someone would write something like that for her. Not someone like Brandon anyway. But he did. Life is such; no one knows who means what for whom.

The two keep looking into each other’s eyes. Holding on to each other forever seems to be the only dream they have. Holding on to each other’s hands is what they surely are. As ever, Kim is the one who can’t help but speak:

‘If I’d met you earlier, I would’ve been a different person.’

Brandon smiles, almost patronizingly, and nods in disapproval:

‘If you’d met me earlier, you would’ve wanted me to be a different person.’

Kim smiles. She now loves the way Brandon playfully rakes up her past at every opportunity. She also knows that her smile never fails her. At the worst, it makes Brandon smile too. And that always has been a good platform to start with.

‘Brandon, do you love me?’

Brandon breaks into a big smile, almost a grin. He takes Kim’s hand and kisses it, while still smiling.

‘What is so funny?’

‘Oh no, nothing. I thought it’s good you asked. Or else all my poems for you, all my flowers for you and all my time for you would never have been able to let you know that I love you.’

Brandon grins again.

‘But you’ve never said that to me.’

‘Have you?’

Kim pauses and thinks. Yes, maybe even she’d never said those words to Brandon. Strange, none of us ever used those words, she wonders.

‘Would we be getting married?’

Brandon is taken aback by the suddenness of the proposition. This doesn’t seem to be the right time for the talk, if he were to be asked. He takes a moment or two too many to come up with his answer; and allows Kim to speak up again.

‘You’ll be free in two years anyway.’

Brandon’s face suddenly changes contours. It is a promise broken by Kim. Kim realizes; but allows Brandon to simmer. She wants an answer. Everything else can be taken care of later.



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