The following is an extract from Svetlana, a short story


My name is Svetlana. Svetlana Safina. It is a very common name in Russia. why, even two of my seven sons have married girls name Svetlana. My surname is also very common. Four girls in my apartments have the same surname. So it is either Svetlana or Safina. Those are the only people i have met since last one year. It is also because I cannot go out. I forget the building. I don’t identify people easily. I cannot hear properly also. My doctor says it happens when women turn 95.

Grandma, someone is at the door.


Someone is at the door.




Forget it. I’ll go and see.

What did … Where are you going? The family book cannot be complete with me. Come back. I have many stories to tell.

These kids, they don’t care for their grandmothers anymore. He is Ivan’s son, right? I think he said he was Ivan’s son.


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