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आज भारत चा प्रजासत्ताक दिन आहे।  माला अस वाटला की आज कायतीरी नवीन करण्यासाठी खूपच शुभ दिन आहे। म्हणून मी आज या ब्लॉग सुरु करतोय। जसे हा ब्लॉग च

Sure hypocrisy walked alongside the largely well-weaning citizens of the world. But far from it being the distance between Muslims and the west, and precious

Multiculturalism is either a two-way street to and fro the idea of a nation state or just another opportunity for the centrifugal forces to build up to the center.  © Anshuman Rawat

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There’s always some distance to travel before you take the first step. It holds especially true for first-time entrepreneurs. So, it’s good practice

It would have been okay if it were just about losing a test match to India at Lords Cricket Ground after 28 years. What should worry the mandarins of the

Many first-time entrepreneurs, in their natural enthusiasm, tend to lap up advice of readily accessible experts – without first evaluating the guidance