Anshuman Rawat

Author. Entrepreneur. Filmmaker. Journalist.

I dream of the evolution and institutionalization of social welfare-oriented convergence of media and technology.

Take Pride in Your SoHo

Chances are that you read the latest movie reviews on a HP desktop; make presentations to clients on a HP laptop or maybe just take print-outs of images from a digital camera through HP laser printer. Yes, that’s the extent to which HP has permeated into our lives. In fact, that’s not even a representative […]

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Just Not Cricket

Just not Cricket is a phrase that speaks for life much beyond the boundary ropes of a Cricket ground. It speaks for anything that is not fair, anywhere. Alas, one need not have gone too far to understand the real meaning of the expression. The misfortune was right there in front of our eyes, on […]

Cricket in Goa

Cricket in Goa. Who would’ve believed this a couple of decades ago.

Lovely House in Goa

House in Goa. Often feel the urge to get nestled in nature, for good.