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I dream of the evolution and institutionalization of social welfare-oriented convergence of media and technology.

Dummies Guide to Internal Communications

At the absolute basic level, the solitary purpose of ‘internal communication’ is to make sure that everyone in the team remains ‘on the same’ page at all times. From the organizational perspective, it helps unity of purpose and action – leading to a unified goal of success for everyone. The employees, on the other hand, consider themselves a worthy part of the narrative when they hear company news...

Why Gujarat Local Election Results Augur Well for BJP

This political analysis was first published here. Post BJP’s  dismal performance in large swathes of rural Gujarat, one could be prompted to believe that the party faces not just a resurgent Congress, especially aided by the Bihar steroid, but also a detached, fatigued and unhappy electorate in the run-up to December 2017 state elections. With Congress capturing 23 of the 31 Zilla (District) Panchayats and...

Activism – Truth Spoke Back

Activism – March for India

Activism – Enough is Enough!

Human Care Central Startup Diaries – 3

Can a personal experience be a universal story? In my previous post, I had written: Human Care Central is a child of immense pain, which did not stop to think about getting organised first before hitting the road. The idea was to immediately get going with the task of helping at least one person somewhere avoid the pain that we went through. While the statement stays true from the perspective of the initiation...

Human Care Central Startup Diaries – 2

We put our eventual course ahead of the immediate cost. Any random article on magazines/portals like Forbes or Inc., thesis papers by IIM-A, Stanford or Harvard university and advice by consultancy firms like Boston Consultancy Group and McKinsey & Company would guide you to (some form of) these steps for startups prior to product/business launch: Have an ‘A’ team (because you need to have many...