Anshuman Rawat

Author. Entrepreneur. Filmmaker. Journalist.

I dream of the evolution and institutionalization of social welfare-oriented convergence of media and technology.

Teaser Campaign – EveryCare / Human Care Central

Teaser Campaign – Human Care Central

MarCom Design – EveryCare Sale

Recruitment Ad for Internship at Human Care Central

3000 Likes on Facebook for Human Care Central

Dummies Guide to Internal Communications

Internal communications ought to facilitate decision making at the top via quality ‘floor feedback’ and encourage employee participation and output via clear and compassionate responsibility delegation – leading to overall benefit of the organization, the management and the employees.

Why Gujarat Local Election Results Augur Well for BJP

The BJP has done well in urban and semi-urban areas during the Gujarat local polls despite nearly everything going against it. Here is a look at the social and political dynamics that influenced the poll results.